With more than 35 years of experience, Dutch Composites(est. 1982)  is one of the more established 
fiber-reinforced-composite processing- and development companies in the Netherlands. 
Through the years, we have gone through several phases from producing consumer goods and sporting equipment in the Eighties and Nineties until 2005, when we switched to various forms of thermoplastic composite materials, including Self Reinforced Polypropylene and -Polyethylene. 
During this last decade, also many applications and new, clever processing methods for industrial parts, large and small, in glassfiber reinforced thermoplastic components were successfully introduced. 

Through our partnership with Suijin, we now also offer from our large, modern production facility 
high quality  continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic uni-directional tape and its derivates, like cross-ply, 4-ply sheets & rolls, solid laminates & sandwich panels.
Their  core business is producing a superb quality of (mainly) glassfiber U.D. tapes with e.g.  Copolymer PP, Homopolymer PP, HDPE, PA6. 

Our strength lies in combining ingenuity, know-how and experience, 
with the ability to translate the clients’ needs and wishes  into a superior product with the very best price-performance ratio, 
saving weight, adding strength and safety. 
Innovative product development & production at its best !
From glassfiber/PP canoes to aircraft ULD-containers, from trucking floors and -front & side panels to scaffolding boards and stage panels, 
from tape reinforced tubes and -pipes to luggage shells and suitcases…

We are the strong link between the best materials and your application.


Dolf Backer 


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